We are an advisory and operational support firm located in Upstate, New York that specializes in providing local individuals, groups, municipalities, and institutions of higher learning with the technical know-how to approach post-prohibition opportunities.

We are powered by the collective knowledge and expertise of local New Yorkers and industry experts with real world experience in the legal cannabis space.

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New York Adult-Use Municipal Tracking Map


Cannasigliere launched the New York Adult-Use Municipal Tracking Map in April 2021 as a free service to one and all. Averaging over 10,000 views a month, the tracking map is the first of its kind in New York and the most up-to-date resource for keeping tabs on the opt-in/out standings of cities, towns, and villages across the state. The map consists of hundreds of hours of work and includes thousands of exerts from heavily scrutinized articles, municipal agendas, Department of State filings, and meeting minutes from across the state, as well as direct contributions from dozens of NY's mayors, town supervisors, journalists, and local activists.

We are extremely proud of this grassroots effort that went into getting the word out about public hearings between legalization and the opt-out deadline and are happy to have played a small role in shining a light on these statewide decision-making processes.

Opted In

Used to signify that a municipality elected to opt in to both dispensaries and onsite consumption establishments.

Opted Out

Used to signify that a municipality has opted out of allowing dispensaries and/or social consumption licenses.

Opted into dispensaries but not onsite

Used to indicated municipalities which have elected to allow dispensaries to operate but not onsite businesses.


Indicates that the status of the municipality is unknown.

Medical dispensaries

These reflect the location of existing medical dispensaries.

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